Flatspot Records


Section H8 "Winter Games"

Comprised of musicians who collectively play with the likes of Downpresser, Minus, Product Of Waste, Human Garbage, Nomads, Furious Styles, and others acts, the outfit is inspired by the likes of brutal, American hardcore acts like Cold As Life and early Madball, metal and grind acts including Carnivore and Driller Killer, and Japanese, hardcore punk acts like Judgement and Death Side. Coalescing these influences into an energetic and merciless style of groove-carved hardcore punk, the band's fury is fueled by their pessimistic outlook on society and the future of humanity. "Winter Games" is the second EP, showing a new ferocity within the band. Cassette includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Love
2. Day Of The Rope
3. Winter Games