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The Burial "In The Taking Of Flesh"

The Burial's new album, "In The Taking Of Flesh," is yet another progression from their previous album, "Lights And Perfections," which received high praise from both fans and press. The new album was once again recorded and engineered by Josh Schroeder at Random Awesome and does an amazing job of capturing the depth and skill level of each of the four musicians. For fans of Extol, Death and The Red Chord.

Track Listing:

1. En-Hakkore
2. Itching Ears
3. In The Taking Of Flesh: Theanthropos
4. In The Taking Of Flesh: Diakonos
5. Wretched Restless Forms
6. Erchomai
7. Of Jasper And Carnelian
8. Thou Knowest
9. Quintessence