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Onward To Olympas "The War Within Us"

Onward To Olympas charged onto the scene with the release of their debut album, "This World Is Not My Home" (January 2010), and is back again with their sophomore album, "The War Within Us." Once again they enlisted the help of Jamie King (For Today, Between The Buried And Me) to engineer the record and that, combined with the matured direction of their writing, makes for an even more seasoned, technical and ear-catching release. For fans of Killswitch Engage and For Today.

Track Listing:

1. The Continuance
2. The War Within Us
3. Revealing
4. Hidden Eyes
5. Seeker
6. Structures
7. Unsuitable Patterns
8. The March
9. Accuser
10. From The Mouth
11. Rebuilt
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