Facedown Records


Hope For The Dying "Dissimulation"

With models ranging from Iron Maiden and Queensryche to Unearth and All That Remains, the members boast the "bringing together of influences as vast as the seven seas, ranging from the metal of years past to the modern kings of metal that reign today." By combining their superior individual abilities and unique musicianship to produce the '80s-influenced progressive metal fans have come to expect, Hope For The Dying prove the sincerity behind their determination to push forward into previously uncharted territory. The 11 tracks that make up "Dissimulation" show incredible musicianship, mature songwriting and an epic crossover of orchestral metal with jazz-like undertones and all out intensity.

Track Listing:

1. Exordium
2. Vacillation
3. Orison
4. Transcend
5. Imminent War
6. Perpetual Ruin
7. The Awakening
8. The Awakening: Dissimulation
9. The Awakening: The Veil Lifted
10. Vile Reflections
11. Derision