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Facedown Records


V/A "Facedown Records: Something Worth Fighting For"

After 10 years in the making, Facedown Records proudly presents "Something Worth Fighting For," an audio & visual presentation of a decade of Facedown Records featuring: 16 music videos, 32 songs, over an hour of the extremely sought-after Facedown Fest "lost" video footage, and eye catching artwork of Dave Quiggle that Facedown fans have come to love over the years. Also features previously unreleased music from This Runs Through (Spencer from Underoath's band prior to Underoath) and Southern California's Falling Cycle.

Track Listing:

1. Means - These Are The Words
2. War Of Ages - Absence Of Fear
3. XDeathstarX - Burn Everything
4. Bloodlined Calligraphy - Frienemies
5. Comeback Kid - Step Ahead
6. Seventh Star - Now At Hand
7. Inked In Blood - Lest I Sleep The Sleep Of Death
8. Sleeping Giant - The Power Of Prayer
9. No Innocent Victim - Set Apart
10. XLooking ForwardX - All Aces
11. Nodes Of Ranvier - Dolores
12. Symphony In Peril - Stilletto
13. Flee The Seen - I'll Be Back On Sunday
14. Alove For Enemies - Not Without Incident
15. Immortal Souls - Sacrifice
16. The Deal - The Great Deception
17. Overcome - Resurgence Of Souls
18. Ceasefire - Buried Alive
19. Figure Four - So Much More
20. One 21 - Runaway
21. Bloody Sunday - The Stand
22. Indwelling - Famine
23. Dodgin' Bullets - Tomorrow The World Will Change F