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Insight "Reflection (Yellow)"


In 1989, after releasing and spreading cassette demos, Insight (whose members would eventually go on to Handsome, Jets To Brazil, and Revelation's own Iceburn) released their first 7", "Standing Strong," and then re-released the 7" under the name "What Will It Take" (1990). While only together for a short amount of time, their passionate lyrics of drug-free ethics and animal rights consciousness would help set the stage for the growing scene and many bands to come. This 19-track collection spans their short but blistering career with four brand new tracks, rare live tracks, and vintage studio material. LP includes download card. This is the yellow vinyl version, exclusive to Rev and limited to 150 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Standing Strong
2. Believe
3. Walk Away
4. Enough
5. Identity Crisis
6. End The Cruelty
7. Get It
8. Silent Shore
9. Take It Back
10. Lost In My Pride
11. Reflection
12. Strength
13. Walk Away (live)
14. End The Cruelty (live)
15. Standing Strong (live)
16. Enough (live)
17. Identity Crisis (live)
18. Control (live)
19. Tied Down (live)