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Equal Vision Records


Upgrade Hiphop "Chemical Imblance: Another Dose"

"Chemical Imbalance: Another Dose" marks the beginning of Upgrade Hiphop's partnership with Equal Vision Records. The album was originally self-released and the new version has been remastered and includes three additional bonus tracks. For fans of Mac Miller, Sage Francis and Murs.

Track Listing:

1. Side Effects
2. Road Less Traveled
3. Overdose On You
4. Leave My Mark
5. Further Down The Rabbit Hole
6. I Don't Fit In
7. Innocence
8. 209
9. New Age Love
10. Joker
11. Look Back And Laugh
12. One Last Cheers
13. Noto's Blue Period (bonus track)
14. Empty Nest (bonus track)
15. Padlocked (bonus track)
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