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The Dear Hunter "Migrant"

Casey Crescenzo is the mastermind behind The Dear Hunter. An incredibly talented musician and prolific songwriter, Crescenzo has already embarked on two concept projects to date - a six-album series chronicling the story of a boy at the turn of the century only referred to as "The Dear Hunter" ("Acts I-III" currently released) and "The Color Spectrum," a series of nine EPs each embodying the essence of a specific color. "Migrant" is a departure from the artist's previous use of an overarching concept in an effort to "push myself, and my music, to places I still haven't ventured, and to create the best possible album I can."

Track Listing:

1. Bring You Down
2. Whisper
3. Shame
4. An Escape
5. Shouting At The Rain
6. The Kiss Of Life
7. Girl
8. Cycles
9. Sweet Naivete
10. Let Go
11. This Vicious Place
12. Don't Look Back
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