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American Nightmare (Give Up The Ghost) "We're Down Til We're Underground"

American Nightmare (Give Up The Ghost) has shaped a sound and aesthetic that's identifiable and contextual. Instead of adhering to the tight confines of punk and hardcore, American Nightmare (Give Up The Ghost) let their diverse musical tastes permeate their songs. American Nightmare (Give Up The Ghost) will continue to redefine and challenge the entire scene when they release "We're Down Til We're Underground," the most anticipated album of the year in the hardcore scene.

Track Listing:

1. (It's Sometimes Like It Never Started)
2. Love American
3. Young Hearts Be Free Tonight
4. Since Always
5. Calculation-Nation
6. The Last Supper After Party
7. Crime Scene
8. Bluem
10. Crush Of The Year
11. No Lotion Could Ever Unclog These Pores
12. We Killed It
13. (And It's Sometimes Like It Will Never End)