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Stigma "For Love & Glory"

Not only did Vinny Stigma co-found the legendary Agnostic Front but he has also played guitar with NYHC stalwarts Madball. In 2009, Vinny stepped to the forefront with his more punk infused side-project, Stigma, and released "New York Blood." Since then, he's been busy touring with Agnostic Front internationally, yet has found time to write and record the sophomore solo effort entitled "For Love & Glory." Now available on colored vinyl. LP includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Average Man
2. I Am
3. Don't Lose Faith
4. Heroes Of Our Time
5. Days Of Old
6. Dead Wrong
7. Battle
8. Lost And Found
9. Forgotten Generation
10. The Spirit Remains
11. Free Your Mind
12. Big City
13. These Times