Minor Threat "s/t"
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Minor Threat "First Demo Tape"
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Fugazi "s/t" $17.80
Minor Threat "Salad Days"
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Dag Nasty "Can I Say" from $10.40
Minor Threat "Out Of Step"
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Rites Of Spring "s/t" $17.65
Fugazi "Repeater" $17.80
Embrace "s/t"
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Fugazi "Red Medicine"
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Dag Nasty "Wig Out At Denko's" $17.45
V/A "Four Old Seven Inches On A Twelve Inch" $13.95
Fugazi "Instrument Soundtrack" $17.65
Minor Threat "Complete Discography" $12.40
Fugazi "3 Songs" $7.65
Fugazi "In On The Killtaker" $17.45
Fugazi "Furniture" $7.65
Egg Hunt "Me And You b/w We All Fall Down"
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Faith / Void "Split"
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Rites Of Spring "All Through A Life" $8.40
Fugazi "The Argument" $17.65
V/A "Flex Your Head" $17.80
Teen Idles "s/t" $7.70
Fugazi "First Demo" $17.65
Fugazi "Margin Walker"
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Scream "Still Screaming" $17.80
Void "Sessions 1981-83" $17.80
One Last Wish "1986" $17.80
Fugazi "Steady Diet of Nothing"
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Fugazi "End Hits" from $10.40
Dag Nasty "Dag With Shawn"
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Soul Side "This Ship b/w Madeleine Said" $7.65
Jawbox "Novelty" $17.80
Hoover "The Lurid Traversal Of Route 7"
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Gray Matter "Food For Thought" $17.80
Fugazi "13 Songs"
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Marginal Man "Identity" $17.50
Dag Nasty "Cold Heart b/w Wanting Nothing" $7.45
Fugazi "Repeater + 3 Songs" $10.40
Government Issue "Boycott Stabb Complete Session" $17.45
Youth Brigade (DC) "Complete First Demo"
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Coriky "s/t" $17.45
Lungfish "Rainbows From Atoms" $17.50
Faith "Subject To Change Plus First Demo" from $10.60
Rites Of Spring "Six Song Demo" $17.80
Lungfish "Love Is Love" $17.45
Soulside "A Brief Moment In The Sun" $17.80
Gray Matter "Take It Back" $17.65
The Messthetics "Anthropocosmic Nest" from $10.25
State Of Alert "First Demo 12/29/80"
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