Deathwish, Inc.


Cult Leader "Nothing For Us Here"

Cult Leader is the next evolutionary leap forward for three-quarters of Gaza, arguably one of the best metallic bands of the last decade. Brilliantly heavy, technical musicianship complimented by Anthony Lucero's newfound brutal vocal delivery (previously he played bass in Gaza), all of it coming together as an unconventional tangle of metal/hardcore/punk wreckage. This release proves that even in their primordial state, Cult Leader is capable of standing as contemporaries Converge and Coalesce as new monsters of the aggressive music genre. 12"ep includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. God's Lonely Children
2. Flightless Birds
3. Mongrel
4. Indoctrinator's Deathbed
5. Skincrawler
6. Driftwood