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Justice "Escapades"

"Escapades" is a record that deserves to be heard. It's genuine, honest, and strong and is Justice's most daring and challenging record to date. It's a relief in these days of pre-packaged angst and anger, a breath of fresh air among the many bands that just go through the motions. Belgium's Justice have gone all the way, both musically and lyrically, to give us 110 percent. Nothing less. They've put their hearts on display and have dug deeper than ever to write the best bunch of songs they possibly could.

Track Listing:

1. I Need Air
2. See Me Glow
3. Don't Tell Anyone
4. Unsure
5. Up And Down
6. Coming Down
7. Guilty In The Eye Of The Beholder
8. To Remind Me
9. Do You Know
10. Push It To The Edge
11. Oh How We Laughed