Bridge Nine Records


Crime In Stereo "The Troubled Stateside"

Never before released on vinyl, Crime In Stereo's acclaimed 2006 CD on Nitro Records is now available on 12" vinyl from the band's current home, Bridge Nine Records. The band hit the road in support of "The Troubled Stateside," sharing the stage with Brand New, as well as doing stints on the Warped Tour. Raspy, dynamic and a hardcore punk album that proved the band had the chops to write intricate anthems, Crime In Stereo is still on tour all the time, and "The Troubled Stateside" is still a relevant album over two years after its original release.

Track Listing:

1. Everything Changes/Nothing Is Ever Truly Lost
2. Bicycles For Afghanistan
3. The Impending Glory Of American Adulthood
4. I'm On The Guestlist, Motherfucker
5. Sudan
6. Abre Los Ojos
7. Gravity/Grace
8. Slow Math
9. I Stole This For You
10. Dark Island City
11. For Exes
12. I, Stateside