Black Numbers Records


The Hunters "Art Electric"

The new LP from Montreal, Canada's The Hunters, "Art Electric," captures both the raw power and touching sensibility of the quartet. The band describes the recording process of the album as an amazing experience where they let loose and made no compromises on their sound. Now more than ever, The Hunters juggles with their very diverse influences ranging from heart-on-the-sleeves folk to blazing rock 'n' roll to craft an unique brand of punk rock that is catchy and fierce. LP includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Dave Grohl
2. Hold On, Marci
3. Roadworn Heart
4. Connecticut
5. Runaway
6. Heroes
7. Promises
8. Hurricane Song
9. Lighthouse
10. Postcards & Golden Lovers
11. It Had To Be You
12. Basement Remedy