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Sleep In. "Tension & Release"

Sleep In. guitarist Eric McNelis was a member of influential emo band The Progress with Into It. Over It.'s Evan Weiss, until the band's break-up in 2008, releasing their debut LP "Settling" in 2014 via Hideaway Records. Borrowing from the catchy, melody-driven framework of The Progress while adding a control and maturity that belies the quintet's rookie status, Sleep In. could easily share shelf space with bands such as Jimmy Eat World, Look Mexico and the aforementioned Into It. Over It. "Tension & Release" is the new EP from New Jersey's Sleep In.: twinkly, emo guitars with catchy, pop melodies and an incredible rhythm section.

Track Listing:

1. Blue Anchor
2. 30/30
3. Old Friend Pt. II
4. Cleaner Days
5. Smoke Signals
6. Acceptance
7. Good. Great. Grand. Wonderful.