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No Motiv "Winterlong"

No Motiv's (Oxnard, CA) first release in nearly eight years, "Winterlong" is now available on the limited vinyl format. Following a storied career at the height of the emo-in-a-good-way scene which included four releases on Vagrant Records and numerous worldwide tours with the likes of The Get Up Kids, Hod Rod Circuit, and The Anniversary, among others, No Motiv returns with this six-song offering. Following their indefinite hiatus, the band wrote the "Winterlong" EP and released it digitally and via CD in fall 2011. More cohesive, yet atmospheric, than their earlier releases, "Winterlong" is a clear progression for the band's sound without straying too far from their foundation. LP includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Beginning From The End
2. Bled
3. Once Again Sundays
4. Dead As The Day
5. In You
6. Deathwish
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