Black Numbers Records


Lilac Daze "s/t"

Evan Braswell (guitar/vocals), Patti Kotrady (bass/ vocals) and Matt Henry (drums/vocals) take a collective approach to music-making, utilizing their bond as best friends to ensure the contribution of each members' individual tastes and interests. Their debut self-titled full-length is infectiously catchy with fuzzy guitars, thumping drums, great harmonies. For fans of Lemuria, Nirvana and Dinosaur Jr.

Track Listing:

1. Shark Bait
2. Glow In The Dark
3. Wrought Iron Fence
4. Future Unknown
5. Rat's Nest
6. Drinking With An Ulcer
7. Lonely Eyes
8. Null And Void
9. Jack O' Lanterns
10. So Confused