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Hot Mass "Happy, Smiling & Living The Dream"


Hailing from Swansea, Wales, the UK's Hot Mass takes their eclectic taste in music and throws it all into the melting pot to create some melodic, grunge-fuelled, indie-popping, jaw-dropping, punk bangers awash with defiant, upbeat lyricism. Hot Mass is now back with their second album, titled "Happy, Smiling & Living The Dream." Featuring 12 melodic and poignant songs, the album expertly combines driving rhythms with their know-how of infusing catchy melodies.

Track Listing:

1. Remember, The Nearest Exit May Be Behind You
2. Lung Capacity
3. Astroturf
4. Small Talk Champion
5. A Literal Century
6. Hell, Now
7. The Dissonant Four
8. Shine On
9. Callous
10. Who's Who
11. Circadian Rhythms
12. Ungakhali