Black Numbers Records


Dirty Shrines "Digital Ego"


Debut full-length from Dirty Shrines, a rock band from Fort Collins, CO, founded in 2018 by longtime friends and musical collaborators Tim Browne and Brian Van Proyen (Elway), Drew Johnson (Chumped), and Max Barcelow (Gregory Alan Isakov). They owe their sound to a melange of influences from Steely Dan and Hall & Oates to Jets To Brazil and The Killers. The result of a few years of tinkering is Dirty Shrines' "Digital Ego": a begrudgingly self-aware treatise on the terminally-online world via ten-track flight of fancy that dabbles equally in '70s rock, power pop, punk, and indie. LP includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Vainglorious Bastards
2. Ironblinders
3. Every Mile
4. The Only You You Know
5. The Devil You Know
6. Happy Hour
7. Loud Cliches
8. Aren't You Ashamed
9. Breakfast
10. The Lovers In Dystopia