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Black Numbers Records


Banquets / Nightmares For A Week "Split"

This is the follow-up to Banquets' critically acclaimed, sophomore, self-titled LP and Nightmares For A Week's "Civilian War" LP (Punknews #12 record of 2013). For fans of mid-tempo punk with throaty vocals and an ear for songwriting over energy, Jersey City, NJ's Banquets and Kingston, NY's Nightmares For A Week come together for five new songs each on a limited split release. Both bands are punk vets at this point, having played numerous fests and more basements than they care to recall. LP includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Nightmares For A Week - Canadian Tuxedo
2. Nightmares For A Week - Dead Will Stay
3. Nightmares For A Week - Bleached Blonde
4. Nightmares For A Week - Up To The Mountain Heights
5. Nightmares For A Week - Boiceville Inn
6. Banquets - Two Feet
7. Banquets - The Engineer
8. Banquets - My Moped Year
9. Banquets - Matters
10. Banquets - Come Home Ragged
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