Atomic Action! Records


Wound Man / Regional Justice Center "Split"

New Bedford, MA's Wound Man and Los Angeles, CA's Regional Justice Center are two of modern hardcore's most viscerally compelling bands; each started with the vision of a single member and have since evolved into fully-realized forces of nature both live and on record. This split is a true east/west blast test with both bands doing a modern take of classic powerviolence. You may remember Trevor from Wound Man from such bands as Breathing Fire, The Rival Mob, and XFilesX. Limited edition of 600 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Wound Man - Man Slaughter
2. Wound Man - Pound For Pound
3. Wound Man - Chain
4. Wound Man - Bone
5. Regional Justice Center - Aspirations
6. Regional Justice Center - Amphetamines
7. Regional Justice Center - To Cope