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New hardcore punk and independent music released this week
Ship Thieves - No Anchor Vinyl & CDSHIP THIEVES
No Anchor
Manipulate - Becoming Madness Vinyl & CDMANIPULATE
Becoming Madness
Silver Snakes - Saboteur Vinyl & CDSILVER SNAKES
V/A - New Breed Tape Compilation Vinyl & CDV/A
New Breed Tape Compilation
Spine - Deny Vinyl & CDSPINE
Pinegrove - Cardinal Vinyl & CDPINEGROVE
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New hardcore and punk fanzines and books available now
Larry Livermore
Maximumrocknroll #393
Larry Livermore How To Ru(i)n A Record Label: The Story Of Lookout Records
How To Ru(i)n A Record Label: The Story Of Lookout Records
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New hardcore and punk DVD and videos out now
It's Gonna Blow!!!
Dicks - The Dicks From Texas DVD & Video
It's Gonna Blow!!! - San Diego's Music Underground 86-96 DVD & Video
The Dicks From Texas
San Diego's Music Underground 86-96
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New hardcore and punk t-shirts available now
World Be Free
World Be Free
Youth Of Today
World Be Free

World Be Free - The Anti-Circle Vinyl/SS Combo Package t-shirt

World Be Free - The Anti-Circle CD/HS Combo Package t-shirt

Youth Of Today - Positive Outlook t-shirt

World Be Free - Logo (Blue) t-shirt

The Anti-Circle Vinyl/SS Combo Package
The Anti-Circle CD/HS Combo Package
Positive Outlook
Logo (Blue)
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Featured hardcore, punk and independent releases available now
Allison Weiss - Making It Up Vinyl & CDALLISON WEISS
Making It Up
7" single from Allison Weiss featuring the song "Making It Up" on side A and alternate version on side B. For fans of Tegan...
Blind Pigs - Linha De Frente Vinyl & CDBLIND PIGS
Linha De Frente
"Linha De Frente" ("Frontline" in English) is the latest release by the veteran, Brazilian streetpunk outfit Blind Pigs. This six-song 10" includes four new...
Stigmata - Pieces Of Me b/w Fillers For Coffins Vinyl & CDSTIGMATA
Pieces Of Me b/w Fillers For Coffins
For over 20 gut-punching years, Stigmata has defined aural aggression and musical mayhem as the underlying backbone that the Upstate New York hardcore music...
Crooks UK - Are We All The Same Distance Apart Vinyl & CDCROOKS UK
Are We All The Same Distance Apart
Despite hailing from across the pond, Crooks UK has been compared to such US-based, rising post-hardcore acts as Being As An Ocean, Letlive and...
The Suicide File - Twilight Vinyl & CDTHE SUICIDE FILE
Originally released in a single pressing in 2003, this is the first time in over a decade that this album has been available for...
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Special of the week
New Granada - Fighting The Demons CD & VinylNEW GRANADA
Fighting The Demons
Lengua Armada Records
7":  $1.00
New Granada offer up another splattering of passionate, emotional, harsh, and powerful hardcore. Inspired and honest sounding, these five songs are reminiscent of edgy...

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