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New hardcore punk and independent music released this week
Running For Cover - Demo Vinyl & CDRUNNING FOR COVER
'68 - Midnight Vinyl & CD'68
P.L.F. - Ultimate Whirlwind Of Incineration Vinyl & CDP.L.F.
Ultimate Whirlwind Of Incineration
Death In June - The Guilty Have No Pride Vinyl & CDDEATH IN JUNE
The Guilty Have No Pride
Sworn Enemy - Living On Borrowed Time Vinyl & CDSWORN ENEMY
Living On Borrowed Time
Big Boys - Lullabies Help The Brain Grow Vinyl & CDBIG BOYS
Lullabies Help The Brain Grow
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New hardcore and punk fanzines and books available now
Ian Glasper
Moment Of Truth
Ian Glasper The Day The Country Died: A History Of Anarcho Punk 1980-1984
Moment Of Truth #3
The Day The Country Died: A History Of Anarcho Punk 1980-1984
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New hardcore and punk DVD and videos out now
Guns Up!
V/A - Sound And Fury Festival 2006 DVD & Video
Guns Up! - All This Was DVD & Video
Sound And Fury Festival 2006
All This Was
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New hardcore and punk t-shirts available now
No For An Answer
Inside Out
Texas Is The Reason
Texas Is The Reason

No For An Answer - Orange County Hardcore t-shirt

Inside Out - No Spiritual Surrender (Red) t-shirt

Texas Is The Reason - Logo - Baby Onesie t-shirt

Texas Is The Reason - Logo t-shirt

Orange County Hardcore
No Spiritual Surrender (Red)
Logo - Baby Onesie
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Featured hardcore, punk and independent releases available now
Lilac Daze - Sedated Vinyl & CDLILAC DAZE
"Sedated" is the new EP from Maryland's Lilac Daze. Formed in 2012, they are at home in both the punk and emo revival scenes...
Cold World - No Omega Vinyl & CDCOLD WORLD
No Omega
Serving as a collection of all Cold World releases to date, "No Omega" contains their self-titled seven-inch, their "Ice Grillz" seven-inch on Lockin' Out,...
The Geeks - Still Not In This Alone Vinyl & CDTHE GEEKS
Still Not In This Alone
Accolades aside, The Geeks turn to the next chapter of their career with a brand new, twelve-song full-length "Still Not In This Alone." Expect...
Elder Abuse - Born To Lose Vinyl & CDELDER ABUSE
Born To Lose
Elder Abuse is a group of guys spread across the Canadian prairies including ex-members of Daggermouth that are playing fast and captivating punk while...
Allison Weiss - Remember When Vinyl & CDALLISON WEISS
Remember When
"Remember When" is filled songs of nostalgia, hindsight and the constant struggle of expectations versus reality. Weiss' signature power-pop is still at the forefront...
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Special of the week
Hot Hot Heat - No, Not Now CD & VinylHOT HOT HEAT
No, Not Now
Sub Pop Records
CD Single:  $3.00
Two sassy numbers from Canada's leading new wave quartet....

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