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New hardcore punk and independent music released this week
MDC - This Blood's For You Vinyl & CDMDC
This Blood's For You
Pity Sex - White Hot Moon Vinyl & CDPITY SEX
White Hot Moon
Violent Soho - Waco Vinyl & CDVIOLENT SOHO
Red House Painters - Old Ramon Vinyl & CDRED HOUSE PAINTERS
Old Ramon
Reach For The Sky - Rebirth Vinyl & CDREACH FOR THE SKY
The Faction - No Hidden Messages Vinyl & CDTHE FACTION
No Hidden Messages
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New hardcore and punk fanzines and books available now
Not Like You
Maximumrocknroll #396
Not Like You #6
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New hardcore and punk DVD and videos out now
The Decline Of Western Civilization
V/A - The Hate5Six Diaries Volume One DVD & Video
The Decline Of Western Civilization - A Film By Penelope Spheeris DVD & Video
The Hate5Six Diaries Volume One
A Film By Penelope Spheeris
:: All DVDs & Videos
New hardcore and punk t-shirts available now
World Be Free
World Be Free
Gorilla Biscuits

World Be Free - Logo (Blue) t-shirt

Insted - Chet t-shirt

World Be Free - Logo (Black) t-shirt

Gorilla Biscuits - Start Today t-shirt

Logo (Blue)
Logo (Black)
Start Today
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Featured hardcore, punk and independent releases available now
Burn - Last Great Sea Vinyl & CDBURN
Last Great Sea
Shortly before the initial breakup of Burn in 1992, the band recorded three songs that went unreleased for a decade. The recordings were highly...
Bossk - Audio Noir Vinyl & CDBOSSK
Audio Noir
Bossk is an atmospheric, post-everything band from Ashford, Kent, England. Over the course of a decade Bossk has blurred the lines between the post-metal...
Polyphia - Renaissance Vinyl & CDPOLYPHIA
Polyphia is an instrumental, progressive rock band from Plano, TX that has emerged as a YouTube phenomenon. Intricate guitarwork is the cornerstone of the...
Culture Abuse - Peach Vinyl & CDCULTURE ABUSE
Culture Abuse dares you to try categorizing them. On their debut full-length, "Peach," the San Francisco, CA Bay Area band drops hints with every...
Freewill - Sun Return Vinyl & CDFREEWILL
Sun Return
Formed in 1987, Freewill quickly became a staple at local shows in Southern California, sharing the stage with bands like Uniform Choice, No For...
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Special of the week
Toxic Reasons - Live Berkeley Square December 1981 CD & VinylTOXIC REASONS
Live Berkeley Square December 1981
Beer City Records
LP:  $9.00
Beer City Records is proud to bring you the long lost and never released before Toxic Reasons "Live Berkeley Square December 1981" LP featuring...

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