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New hardcore punk and independent music released this week
Ancient Heads - It Can't Rain Forever Vinyl & CDANCIENT HEADS
It Can't Rain Forever
Good Riddance - Peace In Our Time Vinyl & CDGOOD RIDDANCE
Peace In Our Time
Indecision - Most Precious Blood Vinyl & CDINDECISION
Most Precious Blood
Noisem - Consumed b/w Fear Of Napalm Vinyl & CDNOISEM
Consumed b/w Fear Of Napalm
Deez Nuts - Word Is Bond Vinyl & CDDEEZ NUTS
Word Is Bond
Orchid - Chaos Is Me Vinyl & CDORCHID
Chaos Is Me
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New hardcore and punk fanzines and books available now
Robert H. Haworth (Editor)
Tom Neely & Friends
Robert H. Haworth (Editor) Anarchist Pedagogies
Tom Neely & Friends Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever
Anarchist Pedagogies
Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever
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New hardcore and punk DVD and videos out now
Indecision - What It Once Meant DVD & Video
Descendents - Filmage: The Story Of Descendents/All DVD & Video
What It Once Meant
Filmage: The Story Of Descendents/All
:: All DVDs & Videos
New hardcore and punk t-shirts available now
The Rival Mob
Violent Reaction

The Rival Mob - Devolution t-shirt

Violent Reaction - Union Jack t-shirt

Burn - Shall Be Judged (Black) t-shirt

GIVE - Sonic Bloom t-shirt

Union Jack
Shall Be Judged (Black)
Sonic Bloom
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Featured hardcore, punk and independent releases available now
The Barstool Preachers - One Fool Down b/w Own Worst Enemy Vinyl & CDTHE BARSTOOL PREACHERS
One Fool Down b/w Own Worst Enemy
The Barstool Preachers is already making some serious waves in the UK, taking the ska and punk scenes by storm. The packaging itself is...
Fugazi - First Demo Vinyl & CDFUGAZI
First Demo
In early January 1988, and after only ten shows, Fugazi decided to go into Inner Ear Studio to see what their music sounded like...
Cursed - Two Vinyl & CDCURSED
The highly-anticipated vinyl repress of "Two," the sophomore album from Cursed. This new, superior version of "Two" was manufactured using brand new pressing plates,...
Seasons Change - Please Don't Leave Vinyl & CDSEASONS CHANGE
Please Don't Leave
Southern California's breakout pop-punk band Seasons Change has revealed plans to release their highly-anticipated debut album, "Please Don't Leave," with No Sleep Records. The...
Disgrace - True Enemy Vinyl & CDDISGRACE
True Enemy
Disgrace exemplifies some of the most malicious and technical metallic hardcore out there in a devastating way all their own, with the penetrating harshness...
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Special of the week
Hawthorne Heights - The Silence In Black & White: Acoustic CD & VinylHAWTHORNE HEIGHTS
The Silence In Black & White: Acoustic
Invogue Records
SALE LP:  $12.00
Hawthorne Heights is a band who has definitely made their name in the music scene. Having toured the world times over and selling over...

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